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  • prevents the appearance of wrinkles
  • improves skin tone
  • relieves swelling
  • improves complexion
  • improves blood supply

Facial massage is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Europe. The effect is seen on the face – blood circulation and lymphatic flow are normalized, skin elasticity and firmness increase, wrinkles become less visible, and you get the rejuvenating effect!

Your face needs special gentle care! From the age of 25, it is possible to choose this procedure for the improvement of skin tone, relief of puffiness, acquiring a beautiful oval face, healthy and neat appearance. It is best to entrust this procedure to a professional massage therapist with extensive experience and medical training. This is the kind of massage therapist Elena Muravyova, to whom you can register on the site of Elena-therapy and get high quality services at an affordable price!

Techniques and benefits of rejuvenating facial massage

The main benefits of the procedure:

  • early anti-wrinkle
  • relaxation of facial muscles
  • stimulation to increase skin elasticity and tone (collagen and elastin production)
  • oxygenation of the skin
  • improvement of lymphatic flow, elimination of o edema, cleansing of pores of impurities
  • get rid of the “second” chin, oval alignment
  • relieves muscle spasms, tightness and tension

If you have found something in the list of indications below, we suggest you sign up today for a facial massage at competitive prices at Elena-therapy:

  • appearance of early wrinkles or mimics
  • double chin effect
  • porous, easily soiled, oily skin with problems
  • bags under the eyes
  • reduced skin elasticity, sagging, swelling
  • sagging and dull skin

There are also contraindications to such a procedure. The main ones are the presence of tumors near the massage site, dermatological diseases or high blood pressure. Before the procedure, you can find out more from your doctor.

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The main technologies of facial massage:

  • classic
  • lymphatic drainage
  • myofascial
  • neuro-sedative
  • plasticizer

At Elena-therapy an experienced specialist works who know all the techniques perfectly. She is familiar with all the massage lines, the study of which will give you youth and beauty, improve blood circulation and increase tone, and you will retain your attractiveness for a long time!

Like all beauty treatments, massage requires regularity and frequency. The amount of sessions required is determined by the specialist. The minimum recommendation of all cosmetologists is at least 10 sessions 1-2 times a week. But for the maintenance of the effect, one should not leave the procedures for a long time.

Like any other type of massage, deep facials actively stimulate blood circulation. This helps disperse excess fluid (lymph) with the help of physical impact on those problem areas. The massage movements help to quickly saturate the skin with oxygen and useful substances and trace elements from the cosmetics, even in the deeper layers of the skin. As a result, the wow effect of the procedures can be observed quickly. But don’t throw them away immediately. Such beauty must be maintained. It is better to repeat the course every 2-3 months, depending on the condition of the skin.

Rejuvenating facial massage is many times gentler and more pleasant than undergoing injectable cosmetic procedures. And it has fewer contraindications than beauty injections, which cause various allergic reactions and swelling. With the help of experienced cosmetologist-massother, you will get the beautiful face while resting and relaxing during the session.

Elena-therapy’s relaxing facial in Nyon

If you are in Switzerland looking for an experienced massage therapist with affordable prices, who is close to you – on the website you can find a list of cities where we work. We can also make an appointment online at a time that suits you!

Rejuvenating facial massage combines a wide range of techniques and technologies used by the specialist to improve facial turgor, produce collagen, smooth wrinkles and combat age-related skin manifestations. Only 10 minutes of massage per day with Elena-therapy can turn back the clock and give you a youthful, clear contour, smooth and radiant skin without wrinkles!

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