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Massage in Nyon - therapeutic, relaxing, cosmetic

My name is Elena Muravyova. I am a massage therapist from Ukraine

For more than 20 years I worked as an massage therapist and reiki specialist in Kyiv. Welcome to the world of freedom of movement and harmony!

My Services

The ancient art of massaging and relaxing muscles has been known for over four thousand years, but is constantly being improved. Modern massage therapists use not only the classical massage, which kneads overloaded or sore muscles. They use special techniques , acupuncture and bioenergetics. For example, certified masseurs  relieve muscle pain in one session, stabilize the energy flows of the body, and remove toxins from the body.

Back massage

Therapeutic massage

• Spine treatment
• Muscles and nerves treatment
• Joints and ligaments treatment
• Psychosomatic diseases treatment
• Craniosacral therapy
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Face massage

Facial massage

• prevents the appearance of wrinkles
• improves skin tone
• relieves swelling
• improves complexion
• improves blood supply
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Face massage

Kundalini reiki

• Working with panic attacks
• Restoration of the psycho-emotional state
• Treatment of soul and body
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Massage legs

Anti-Cellulite Massage

• reduce appearance of cellulite
• improving circulation
• improve the overall elasticity and quality of the skin
• breakdown fibrous tissue
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Sound massage

Sound Massage

• Calm the mind
• Release stress, tension
• Balancing emotions
• Reduce pain
• Improve sleep
• Improve body perception
• Awaken inner resources
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Weight loss wrapping

Wight loss wrapping

- Weight loss
- Reducing body volume by 1-2 sizes
- Reducing the relief of local fat deposits
- Skin lifting, body firming
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Types and tasks of manual massage in Nyon

Medical practitioners and professional massage therapists distinguish between the following types of manual massage:

  1. General. The entire surface of the body is treated in sequence.
  2. Local. May include massage of the back, legs, arms, lower back. It is used to relieve the effects of physical overloading or to restore muscle tone after a long period of immobility (most often after serious heart or spinal surgery).
  3. Therapeutic. Conducted according to a doctor’s recommendations. May include treatment of the skin surface, deep tissues, periosteum, ligaments, close internal organs.
  4. Sports. Masseur help is necessary for sportsmen during intensive training process, for relief of muscular fatigue and fast excretion of lactic acid from tissues. Relaxing or toning procedures are carried out before competitions.
  5. Cosmetic. Includes therapeutic, plastic, facial, myofascial, lymphatic drainage techniques with dozens of professional nuances.

Tasks of massage procedures are also various. Their spectrum includes removal of fatigue, recovery after illness, prevention of diseases, acceleration of muscular strength and endurance, general recovery.

Masseur Elena

My name is Elena Muravyova, I am a Ukrainian massage therapist. 

For more than 20 years I worked as a massage therapist in Kyiv. I practiced therapeutic massages and mastered more than thirty massage techniques.

I’ve stayed interested in massage therapy as a client, therapist, and finally a teacher because of the satisfaction I receive. There’s no field quite as rewarding as this. When someone comes to me for help, I’m truly honored.

In only a few sessions massage therapy can relieve, to one degree or another, physical stress and discomfort, muscular pain, emotional stress and tension, limited range of motion, and that overall feeling of malaise. And all without drugs or invasive procedures.

Massage is a natural way to provide relief and comfort to someone and one of humankind’s oldest medicines. When clients leave my massage room, both they and I feel better.

Being welcomed by Switzerland, I have the desire and the professional opportunity to be grateful to the people and government of Switzerland. 

20 years in the medical field
Certified Reiki Teacher
Medical education
Rehabilitation masseur specialist
500+ happy clients
25 000 hours of massage practice
20 professional diplomas

Massage techniques and methods

Massage therapy varies in methods and techniques. The national massage schools (Thai, Spanish, Balinese, Tibetan) and their many variations only improve on the basic classical techniques. Traditional therapeutic massage uses:

  1. Stroking. Each session begins and ends with this technique. Stroking relaxes the muscle tissue, preparing it for intensive work.
  2. Kneading. The masseurs hands lift the areas of subcutaneous and muscular tissue, working through them in the right order.
  3. Stretching. Similar to stroking, but performed with stronger strokes. Displacement and stretching of the skin areas is aimed at strengthening metabolism and stress relief.
  4. Tapping and vibration. Increase the tone of muscles and tissues, cause increased blood circulation.

The cost of massage procedures primarily depends on the duration of the session and the accompanying preparations (medicinal and aromatic oils, softening and warming creams). The skill of the masseur, variety of techniques and methods are not included in the price.

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What you will find in Elena therapy Nyon

In my massage therapy you will find physical comfort and complete understanding. I have mastered over 20 techniques and dozens of varieties of massage techniques. Therapeutic or relaxing body massage will bring you physical vigor, remove fatigue, restore the normal emotional background.

As a therapist with a medical degree and twenty years of practical experience, I can:

  • Find the right techniques to massage the muscles of the muscular athlete and the frail woman.
  • Facilitate the recovery of atrophied muscles, tendons after complex operations.
  • Conduct the necessary massage procedures for cosmetic improvement of the skin.
  • Determine your skin type, exclude contraindicated techniques, creams.
  • If you see that a technique brings you discomfort, to replace it with a gentle technique.

As a professional masseur I do not ask my patients unnecessary questions, I keep my communication confidential. Leaving Elena Therapy you will feel healthy vigor of the body and emotional lift. I invite to book a massage in Nyon not only residents of the city. Guests of Geneva, residents of the surrounding cities – Duillet, Arnex-sur-Nyon, Eixins, Borex, Prangins, Grensa, Signy-Avenex can book an appointment

Therapeutic massage

60 minutes
100 CHF

Facial massage

30 minutes
60 CHF

Kundalini reiki

60 minutes
80 CHF

Anti-Cellulite Massage

90 minutes
160 CHF

Sound Massage

60 minutes
140 CHF

Weight loss wrapping

45 minutes
160 CHF
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